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Tryouts 2020/2021

Everything you need to know for Vantage Tryouts

Teams 2020/2021

See what teams we're offering this year.

OVR Athlete's Bill of Rights - Please watch!

Vantage Volleyball Mission

Our mission is to be the Premier Volleyball Club in Charleston, WV and the surrounding area. Our goal is to increase the level of volleyball play in the greater Charleston area through specific player develop at each age level. We want our players to be impact players at their respective schools and go on to be impact players in college. We operate with the highest levels of professionalism and organization to create an enjoyable experience on and off the court. Vantage Volleyball prides itself in our passion and dedication to developing the whole volleyball athlete, specifically focusing and emphasizing on discipline, character, and leadership. 

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OVR - Ohio Valley Region

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