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Vantage Volleyball Testimonials

We cannot say enough great things about Coach Jenna Theden and Vantage Volleyball!  The level of coaching and instruction is beyond anything our daughter received before.  Our daughter's skills have improved by leaps and bounds while playing at Vantage.  The basics were taught and reinforced every practice.  Advanced skills and ideas were introduced over the course of the season so that by the last tournament, our daughter was a completely different player than she was at the beginning.  Jenna coaches her coaches, so they are all on the same page and the instruction is consistent from year to year and team to team.  Jenna is always available to answer questions and help the players.  She is determined to improve the level of volleyball in WV from the younger kids through those wanting to play in college - her advice and help with college recruiting is invaluable.  If you want your daughter to get solid coaching, great experience and become a much better volleyball player, there is no better place than Vantage Volleyball Club.

- Susan Brasselle, Parent of 17's player

Joining Vantage Volleyball Club was the best decision for my daughter. The players receive outstanding coaching from college players (men's and women’s teams) and college coaches. It is always a fun and positive learning environment, while making the player stronger. I highly recommend this club. Plus, Jenna is extremely organized and that is very much appreciated by this busy mom!

- Robin Heck, Parent of a 17's player

Having played at several different clubs throughout my volleyball career, I can strongly say that Vantage Volleyball Club offers some of the best coaching and athletic opportunities in the West Virginia area. Vantage Volleyball Club has not only helped me excel as an athlete, but has taught me valuable life skills such as leadership, responsibility, strong work ethic, and how to work with others as a team. At Vantage Volleyball Club it is evident that coaches truly want players to succeed both inside and outside of the gym, because at Vantage it's more than just volleyball - it's family, and it's our futures.

- Isabel Edmonds, Junior at Nitro High School

Thank you Jenna and all the staff at Vantage Volleyball for putting in so much effort to encourage interest in volleyball in our community! We appreciate the level of commitment shown to help these young athletes grow not just in the game, but also in sportsmanship, teamwork, and confidence. 


- Amanda Hughes, Parent of a 17's player

Last year I was on the Vantage's 14’s team. It was my first year playing for V2 and it was very fun. I made a lot of friends and many memories. My experience playing for Vantage taught me so much about volleyball and the importance of working together as a team to reach a common goal.  Each practice made a huge impact on my skill level. Vantage's practices include so much instruction that you can not get anywhere else.  I love all of the coaching staff and know I can always go to them for anything. Vantage prepared me for my High School season and helped me reach my goal of getting a varsity jersey as a freshman. 

- Kaycee McCoy, Freshman at Ripley High School

The caliber of instruction that Vantage Volleyball provides is incomparable!
On top of being a coach and club owner, Coach Jenna makes an effort to get to know each teammate personally. Jenna’s staff and club training has helped my child become wonderfully confident, disciplined, and determined. The girls grew in understanding how to work as a team and be kind in life, and how to work and play to succeed on and off the court!
From the first day we introduced our daughter to Vantage Volleyball, we have felt very comfortable and impressed. Our daughter has improved a great deal in her time with Vantage and we are confident that she will continue to get the instruction she needs to be a fierce and competitive player.

- Larry, Alicia, & Riana, Parent and 13's player

I love everything about Vantage Volleyball! The coaches are fun and encouraging and make me want to work hard to be an athlete at their level. They also encourage us to achieve outside of volleyball and to do our best in school. I love making memories  and having fun with my teammates while always working to better our selves. Vantage is the perfect fit for me!

- Kantley McKown, Junior at Hurricane High School

If you’re looking to take your game to the next level, Vantage Volleyball is where you want to go! My child went from a brand new player struggling to make her middle school team in 8th grade to making her high school varsity team as a freshman (her school has freshman AND JV teams) in just half a season with Vantage (thanks, COVID). My younger daughter mastered her overhand serve and is working on her jump serve, learned the proper mechanics for passing and hitting and became more confident on the court. They both had so much fun and made lasting friendships we are so thankful for. If you’re looking for the absolute best coaching a parent can ask for, make Vantage Volleyball your club this season!

- Sandra Gagnon, Parent of a 14's & 15's player


Jenna Theden - Club Director  
445 Dudden Fork Road  
Kenna, WV 25245