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2021 Vantage Volleyball Club Team Info

Please use the information below to see what our club season will look like. Tryouts will be held for 10's to 18's age groups. For younger age groups such as 10's, 11's and 12's, no prior volleyball experience is required. Team designations (National, American, and Regional) will be subject to change pending the level of each teams' selected players. The designation listed on the current team pages is the level we hope to have each team participate at. You can read more about level divisions on the Ohio Valley Region OVR website. Should there not be a team fielded at an age level, there will be a consideration for multiple teams at the next age level provided there are enough interested parties. In the case of two teams at the same age level, most likely there will be one American team and one Regional Team. A payment plan is available for club fees. 

There is no additional cost for jerseys, apparel, and gear. It is included in the listed cost. On 18's-15's teams, each player will receive 2 jerseys, 2 pairs of spandex, a travel bag, 3 practice shirts, a jacket, pants, socks, 2 masks, and kneepads. On 14's and under teams will receive 2 jerseys, 1 pair of spandex, a travel bag, a jacket, pants and 2 practice shirts, and 2 masks. Coaches will be assigned to teams after teams have been made.

There will be three practices per week in the first three weeks of December. There will be a break for Christmas and New Years. We'll resume practices in January and February and practice one to two times per week. In March thru May, practices will be two to three times per week depending on tournament schedules. All practices will be held at The Rock Athletic Facility in Kenna, WV. One parent/guardian will be allowed to attend practice with their daughter.

We have no guarantee that tournaments will be able to be played in the 2021 season. We will aim for most teams to play one tournament in January, one tournament in February, two in March, April, and May.  We will try to avoid extremely large tournament formats as we feel that could be an unsafe environment during these pandemic times. Please note that any published tournaments and dates are subject to change. Finalized tournament schedules will be published as updated information is released from WV and Ohio.